What is this webinar about?

1 in 5 attacks today is an ATO attempt, and why not? They’re lucrative. New research shows an attacker facing off against just a WAF can earn upwards of $119,376 with just five successful attempts. Fraudsters’ gain is your loss. In today’s macroeconomic environment, losses to attacks can no longer be considered a cost of doing business. 

The twin challenges you face – stop bad actors from getting into your systems and power (profitable) growth by creating a streamlined experience for your consumers – can be conquered. In fact a financial services firm that recently reduced ATOs by 75% also reduced customer service complaints about compromised accounts. As a result, it experienced more than $5M in savings.

In this webinar our panel will discuss:

  • How to stop ATO attacks.
  • Increasing attackers’ costs and efforts, causing them to move on to easier targets.
  • How a strategic defense against ATOs actually contributes to your firm’s growth.