The Student Loan Crisis

Measuring the impact of COVID accommodations on borrowers

What is this white paper about?

Over the past year, Shur, Equifax, and VantageScore combined forces to analyze and study the experience of 900K student loan borrowers since 2010 — and the effects of the two-year repayment pause and accommodations on America’s 43.4 million borrowers. Our report is an overview of the current economic landscape before and during the current repayment accommodations — which began in early 2020 — examining the short and long-term implications on each generation — from Gen Z to Boomers — to determine how they are affected by student loans in this economy.

The Student Loan Crisis white paper addresses key questions for borrowers and lenders.

  • Which groups benefited from COVID accommodations, and who is being left behind?
  • Where will the most economic pressure lie — including risk of student loan default — once accommodations are lifted?
  • What are the possible long-term repercussions of the uneven impact of student loan accommodations on credit scores across generations?
  • How can key stakeholders  help lock in the economic value built up during the COVID moratorium?