What is this webinar about?

Fintechs can take any number of paths to growth and reach scale. Time is always a key factor as fintechs need to constantly knock on doors, jump regulatory hurdles, run proof of concepts, vet potential partners and make strategic decisions. When the global economic landscape is more challenging such as what we are seeing today, time to revenue matters even the more.

Innovation as a service changes the dynamic in a dramatic way. Working in a fintech ecosystem conceived to enable rapid execution, compliant access and scale through technology platforms, a wide spectrum of potential clients and pre-set commercial relationships means your fintech can jump on the expressway.

Join this panel of experts as they discuss why innovation as a service can be a game changer to fintechs.

In this Webinar you'll Learn:

  • Making new ideas happen faster and more efficiently
  • Accelerating scalable, ready to go, pre-vetted fintech innovation
  • Offering innovation capabilities in an affordable way