What is this webinar about?

SMS fraud is often difficult to detect, and when done at scale, can cost enterprises millions of dollars. Understanding how these attacks are carried out, including the economic drivers behind SMS fraud and attack scripts, is imperative for enterprises to combat them.


When combined with the right solution, enterprises can maximize their own ROI while removing the economic incentive of SMS fraud and drive cybercriminals to look elsewhere.

We'll be discussing the following:

  • What is SMS fraud and how do cybercriminals profit from it?
  • How cybercriminals can leverage an enterprise’s MFA/OTP for attacks.
  • SMS fraud isn’t just a challenge for the telecommunications industry anymore.
  • What makes detecting SMS fraud so difficult?
  • How enterprises can “flip the script” and remove the economic incentive of these attacks. This will ultimately cost cybercriminals time and money, making their attack untenable.